Welcome to Hoosier Hills Youth Marksmanship


Sponsored by: Hoosier Hills Rifle and Pistol Club


The Hoosier Hills Youth Marksmanship program is dedicated to educating youth regarding gun safety, marksmanship training and shooting sports competitions. This program is open to all individuals, ages 10 - 20 years (less than 10 years with prior parental supervised shooting experience} who wish to participate and live in Bartholomew County or the immediate surrounding areas.


The first meeting of the season is on Wednesday, September 13 from 6-9 PM.  Meetings and training - practice sessions are held each Wednesday evening from 7:00 to 9 PM thru March, excluding holidays. Parent(s) or guardians of shooters under the age of 18 and new to the program are required to attend the participants first meeting to sign necessary documents. 


The purpose of this program is to encourage and train individuals in the safe use of air guns and firearms and to establish excellent marksmanship skills for each participant.  Adult members of HHRP, who are experienced certified instructors, provide safety and shooting instructions and will be present for all program activities.  As a new participant your first meetings will focus on: gun safety; gun familiarity; the basics of marksmanship; and, range commands and procedures.  Safety is the primary focus for new shooters and skill development is the focus of weekly practice sessions.


Precision target Air Rifles and Air Pistols are provided by the program and are used at the Hoosier Hills Rifle and Pistol Club Indoor Range located near the Columbus Airport.  Shooting is single shot format, directed at appropriate paper targets mounted 10 meters from fixed shooting stations.  This form of air gun shooting is the same as that sanctioned by the National Rifle Association and USA Shooting for National and International competitions, including the Olympic games. Several colleges offer competitive shooting sports programs and Scholarships for very highly skilled shooters.  Other forms of competitive shooting are also encouraged; such as, Small-Bore (3 position 22 target rifle), High Power Rifle, Pistol, and Black Powder (muzzle loaded rifle and pistol).


If you are interested in participating in this program or need additional information please contact Jerry Thomas at: jathomas725@gmail.com


Compete with other boys and girls in shooting competitions.

Learn and become proficient in a unique lifetime sport.